iPollo Miner is a supercomputer equipment designer, headquartered in Singapore. The company has evolved as a competitive player on the global market with robust designs since its inception.

Relative newcommer (2019) however our team members have been involved in the industry from 4-8 years

We excell in developing high profitable miners on challenging algorythms well before any competition resulting in earnings that repay the machines often before changes that can reduce profitability are sometimes implemented while still remaining less but still profotiable to run.

Our model is primary expansion, aiming to build and ensure customer satisfaction, During this stage we will ensure you are happy with the units and come with a satisfaction guarrentee. Provide proof of miner performance not up to our claimed standard, our team troubleshoot and if you are still unhappy, We will fully refund you (limited to >$85,000USD) and you keep miners.

Ipollo HK Limited

Business Contact: Support@ipollotech.com

Technical Support : Support@ipollotech.com

Address:Unit 3A-8,12/F, Kaiser Centre, No. 18 Centre Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

CR: 3064640